Tuesday, October 30, 2012

:: Mix Pinterest ::

Can I say Pinterest really changed my life? It got me more inspired in a lot of things. Then again if you're a self-diagnosed-adult-with-ADD/ADHD, more inspirations were not the best idea. Still, I have to thank Ben Silberman and his team for coming up with this idea. My wardrobe has never been the same (the same goes for my wallet) It gives me ideas to mix and match items that I've never thought would work. I branched out of my all-white-and-ruffle-y outfits and bought coral cardigan. My mom scoffed when she saw my closet. "You hated red for the longest time and now you bought red everything." True story.

I got the idea from this by Sarah Vickers of Classy Girls Wear Pearls and this dress from Topshop. Mix them together and voila.
 cardigan francesca's  //  top shopruche (old) // necklace leola lace // lace skirt websters for target (similar) // wedge tory burch
thanks to my husband le photographe

:: A fresh start ::

Hello and welcome to my little home on the virtual world. I'm a hopeless addict of the good ol' internet where I can find lots of lovely things on a daily basis from the comfort of my own home. Then I thought maybe somewhere in the world somebody else is also interested in artsy/craftsy/vintage/food etc etc. Maybe someone also thinks that a particular outfit that they found on Pinterest is adorable. And maybe somewhere in the world someone is thinking what I'm thinking; how exciting that'll be! So here I am, here goes my blog... hope you find my curated items inspiring! :)