Friday, November 30, 2012

.: dream closet :.

I'm currently under the weather, so while all drugged up with NyQuil/DayQuil cocktail mix I entertained myself with a very unhealthy dose of Pinterest and found this lovely color palette.
While it looks like a leftover from summer, I'm still loving seafoam/minty green and coral. What a fresh combo against all Fall colors. And they are all a petite12-friendly.

1. Coral Dress: so pretty with the textures - ShopRuche
2. Mint Loafers available here and here
3. Poppy skirt: looks great with minty blouse - ModCloth
4. Hilma blouse (on sale!) - Anthropologie
5. Glossy bangles
6. Coral Mirage bracelet
7. Upwardly Mobile Satchel - ModCloth 

Disclaimer: I don't get compensation from any of the stores above. This is purely for my own reference. All images belong respectively to each store.

Monday, November 26, 2012

.: I left my heart ... :.

Trip to San Francisco always left me wanting for more... I wished we had spend more time exploring the city, meeting more friends... maybe we'll do it next time :)

 Walk past this building everytime I went to school. 
Definitely don't miss school days but I miss my school friends.

 goodies & shops at Ferry Building 

 yumsies from Bouchon, Yountville

Fresh persimmons from the farmers' market 

Got my proper Giants attributes, girly style

Thursday, November 22, 2012

.: Thanksgiving trip :.

I'm getting ready for our Thanksgiving trip to San Francisco: packing, unpacking, re-packing and repeat. I wish I can bring my whole closet! So excited to see SF once more & reminiscing of the good old days :)
I tried to venture out of my safety zone and bought a patterned legging. I'm not a huge fan of legging/jegging because they're usually too tight and highlighted the chubbiest part of my leg. Then Uniqlo came along with their comfy & stylish legging with actual pockets! I'm still not very confident with this houndstooth version but I so love the comfortable part.

utility jacket: Forever 21 {similar} // cotton tunic: Zara // Scarf: TJ Maxx {similar} // Crossbody satchel: H&M // Houndstooth legging: Uniqlo

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

.: Recently acquired :.

Over the weekend I went to Desert Hills Premium Outlet with the whole family. My mission was to find this cute riding boots that can fit my wide calves or buy this flats without paying the premium price *yeah, right*. Didn't find such things; and not one boots fit my wide calves. Feeling dejected and *gasp* fat, I walked into the accessories bin at Tory Burch. And Kate Spade. And I walked out with boatloads *okay that was an overkill* of bracelets; 50% off the retail price. Then I felt so much better. Bracelets always fit.

What knee-high boots taketh away, bracelets giveth back.

bow, statement and polkadot bracelets: Kate Spade Outlet // plato leather wrap bracelet : Tory Burch //wrap bracelet: gorjana via rue la la

Monday, November 19, 2012

.: Here's to the 90s! :.

I got pretty excited when I found the 'perfect' denim jacket *because everything I found was either studded to death and cropped like mad* and was telling my friend all about it when she cut me off and said, "Ew, I can't believe you bought that! It's so 1990! I threw mine away a long time ago! Why did you buy something that is so out of fashion?" Obviously said friend have never even heard the magical place on the internet that is Pinterest. So here's to the 90s and whoever lucky enough to find the 'perfect' denim jacket!

denim jacket : zara trf // dress: frothed dots - Anthropologie (sale) // Bow Belt : Anthropologie // 
Cloche: Goorin Bros via Zulily // mint flats: TJ Maxx

Friday, November 16, 2012

.: dream closet :.

2.  Topiary Dress - modcloth
3. As You Dreamt - modcloth
4.  Raspberry Ice Tea dress - modcloth

Yup, somebody spent way too much time online shopping... I'm a sucker for lace and frilly-girly stuff. Being a full-figured girl, I have to be careful not to wear too much lace or I will look exactly like curtains at my parents' house. I think these dresses are lovely but not too lace-overload. The one from Ryu is especially lovely because of the flutter sleeves. I can probably get away with not wearing anything to cover my arms.

credits: all images belong to shopruche and modcloth. Washi tape and Starburst medallion from pugly pixel.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

.: surviving Fall :.

1. Warm milk tea

2. Cozy slippers

3. Soft and thick pajama, soft throw, rose salve, creamy body lotion and moisturizer

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

.: I too can has cheezburger :.

While I'm not understanding the whole 'can has cheezburger' phenomenon, I thought the cats they featured are pretty funny. *maybe the politically correct lolspeak is funneh kitteh? I'm not sure.* I'm not a cat person, unless they come printed on a dress; especially an Anthropologie dress that was on sale from $159 to $39.95.

cardigan: H&M // Dress: Feline karma dress-Leah Reena Goren for Anthropologie // Bow Belt: Anthropologie // wrap bracelet: Brandy Melville // Purse : Hogan // Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs from DSW

Monday, November 12, 2012

.: transition :.

The weather has been very undecided in SoCal. It feels like winter last weekend, then it's going to be in the 80s later this week, and back to low 70s. The good thing is that I can still wear my dress but I get to wear jackets without sweating like a turkey on Thanksgiving week. I'm also trying to wear glasses more often because lately my contacts has been giving me some problems. And it fits right in with the hipsters, right? *wannabe, cough cough*

Blazer: Forever 21(similar) // Dress: Lush  // Scarf: remi and reid // Necklace: b.p by Nordstrom (similar) // Chain link bracelet: Forever 21 // Leather wrap bracelet: Gorjana // White enamel bangle: Banana Republic (similar)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

.: Cray-zay scarf lady :.

When I'm much older I may live in a house full of scarves and shoes... Judging from what currently overflowing in my closet I may be one of those old lady with some funky scarves carrying empty birdcage around. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

.: It's Fall, Y'all! :.

Finally, Fall arrives in California. So happy, I'm not a warm-weather person at all. Now it's time to get the sweater out of the storage and dust off my boots. And my favorite: warm milk tea in the afternoon.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

.: The shape of all things :.

A lot of fashion magazines started to feature full-figured women which makes me happy, but the models still look like models, ya' know? Super gorgeous with curves at all the right places. Perfect teeth and nails. Then they come up with ideas for all body types. "Are you an apple shape? Show your beautiful long legs! Pear shape? Here are ideas to showcase your lean arms. Hourglass? Show up your tiny waist!" Well (un)fortunately I didn't fall into any of these shapes. I'm sort of a shape-shifting kinda girl. No long legs, lean arms and definitely no tiny waist. They don't feature this shapeless type on magazines because it's probably not pretty enough. "Are you shapeless but have a great smile? We got the perfect smile-enhancing outfit ideas for you!"  If I own a magazine I'd probably have sold thousands of copies just because of that headline! So here goes some smile-enhancing outfits:

might be a bit steep but if you have the moolah:

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

.: take a bow :.

Here are clothing styles that I though would never work on a girl with full hips: pleated skirts and bow tie. Apparently as long as the cut is A-Line and the pleats are wide enough, it'll work. It's one of the current trends that I hope will stay as a classic. The bow-tie blouse is a bit of a challenge for me; I can never make a neat and pretty bow. But this will do.

  bow-tie blouse: Modcloth (similar) // skirt: old Anthropologie (similar) // sandals: Vincci (Malaysian) // bangles: Kate Spade // purse: Orla Kiely

Monday, November 5, 2012

.: It's always a good time :.

Anyone love this song as much as I do? It makes you feel so happy, totally describe how I felt when we went to Hermosa Beach last weekend. Wore my foolproof ensemble: brushed cotton shirt from J. Crew , my faithful lace skirt and the statement necklace my mom bought for me as a Christmas gift.

{look at the inexperienced blogger showcasing the statement necklace}

Did a little shopping while I was there. This cute scarf was from remi & reid, bought at the Gum Tree gift shop. This cafe is seriously cute and their gift shop is even cuter! They carry cute stuff and arrange it by color scheme, too.

Then we found a place called Bath Bar, where you can create your own signature scent & apply it to body lotion, shower gel etc etc. I spent a very long time mixing scent and ended up getting the roll-on perfume. My own perfume! It's so exciting and the ladies behind the counter were very nice.

popover shirt: J.Crew (similar) // skirt: H&M (similar) // sandals & necklace: Anthropologie (old) // scarf: remi & reid from gum tree store
thanks to dearest husband + my friend Yonius for taking the photos and sharing the embarrassments.
Suite 7 Lace Empire Dress (Google Affiliate Ad)Suite 7 Lace Empire Dress (Google Affiliate Ad)

.: staycation :.

I can never be satisfied with the city I live in. When I was in San Francisco I miss LA; now that I live in LA I miss San Francisco terribly. There's that charm of San Francisco that does not exist in LA. But I do love the beach cities here, so once in a while I bug my husband and convinced him to get out of the bubble and go for a staycation around LA. And more often than not he will oblige.
{an antique store in Venice}
{Jin Patisserie, Venice}
{Third St Promenade, Santa Monica} 
 {New Orleans cajun & creole at Hermosa Beach}
 {shop sign at Hermosa Beach}