Friday, November 30, 2012

.: dream closet :.

I'm currently under the weather, so while all drugged up with NyQuil/DayQuil cocktail mix I entertained myself with a very unhealthy dose of Pinterest and found this lovely color palette.
While it looks like a leftover from summer, I'm still loving seafoam/minty green and coral. What a fresh combo against all Fall colors. And they are all a petite12-friendly.

1. Coral Dress: so pretty with the textures - ShopRuche
2. Mint Loafers available here and here
3. Poppy skirt: looks great with minty blouse - ModCloth
4. Hilma blouse (on sale!) - Anthropologie
5. Glossy bangles
6. Coral Mirage bracelet
7. Upwardly Mobile Satchel - ModCloth 

Disclaimer: I don't get compensation from any of the stores above. This is purely for my own reference. All images belong respectively to each store.

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