Wednesday, November 7, 2012

.: The shape of all things :.

A lot of fashion magazines started to feature full-figured women which makes me happy, but the models still look like models, ya' know? Super gorgeous with curves at all the right places. Perfect teeth and nails. Then they come up with ideas for all body types. "Are you an apple shape? Show your beautiful long legs! Pear shape? Here are ideas to showcase your lean arms. Hourglass? Show up your tiny waist!" Well (un)fortunately I didn't fall into any of these shapes. I'm sort of a shape-shifting kinda girl. No long legs, lean arms and definitely no tiny waist. They don't feature this shapeless type on magazines because it's probably not pretty enough. "Are you shapeless but have a great smile? We got the perfect smile-enhancing outfit ideas for you!"  If I own a magazine I'd probably have sold thousands of copies just because of that headline! So here goes some smile-enhancing outfits:

might be a bit steep but if you have the moolah:

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