Wednesday, September 4, 2013

.: away too long :.

How I miss blogging! I've got too many excuses already but here's to hope I get to write more :)

Have been trying to wear more pants instead of skirt lately. I love how comfy my Joe's Jeans is! I'm trying to pull the-boyfriend-jeans look that has been making a comeback this summer. Not too easy since I have short legs; cuffs make my legs look shorter. I just rolled the cuffs a bit higher and pair it with heels. 

blazer: kate spade outlet {similar and similar} | necklace: very jane | lace top: old zara {similar} | joe's jeans from nordstrom rack

Saturday, July 13, 2013

.: odd summer :.

What a weird weather here in SoCal. It's overcast, rainy and humid. I got fooled yesterday, looking at the gray sky and thinking it might be cold. Oh wishful thinking... I found this pair of jeans at the clearance section in Nordstrom Rack. Petite sz 32/12, for $39. Gotta love the Rack. It's still a tad too long for me, so I will need to alter it. I'm starting to love jeans & pants now :)

Sweater & messenger bag: Madewell | Polkadot shirt: J Crew Factory | Denim pants: Joe's Jeans via Nordstrom Rack | 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

.: weekend recap :.

Oh summer... You're such an unwelcome guest in my doorstep. The one thing that cheers me up about summer are all the sales that seem to be going on everywhere. While they do lightened my wallet considerably, the new purchases make blazing Summer heats bearable. Like this silk blouse.

Eclipsing Blouse : Anthropologie {on sale, sold out on website but some stores have it. Or ebay} |  Tweed Skirt : very old Anthropologie {ebay-ed it!} | that chicken : Noah's Ark at the Skirball Center

Thursday, May 30, 2013

.: red, white and dots :.

Life is still very hectic lately. Apparently not all women are multitaskers. Guess which gal cannot do all things at once :) Thankfully this skirt is a multitasker. I can wear it with so many things. Right now I'm loving button-down shirts, but to keep it less corporate I added fun accessories like this belt. 

popover shirt: jcrew factory / belt: kate spade outlet {similar} / le centre pompidou skirt: modcloth

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

.: bow overloads :.

I like things with bows; big ones and small ones, on shoes and on blouses... There's something so quintessentially elegant about bows. Valentino does the most amazing bows, but kate spade's bows are much simpler for everyday usage. I fell in love with this skirt a while ago but it was way out of my budget, so when she has her 75% off sample sale I immediately snabbed this skirt and it has been hanging in my closet ever since. I finally got the chance to wear it last week. The thing I love about kate spade's clothes is they fit perfectly all the time and it makes you feel like such a girly girl. And I intended to wear this shoes on our wedding but it's just not a very practical shoes for such a long event :)

briella silk blouse & jolie skirt: kate spade {sold out} // bow shoes: christian louboutin {very very old}

Monday, May 13, 2013

.: maximized :

The tricky part of wearing maxi skirt for a petite-12 like me is the risk of looking frumpy because of all the volume. But I really, really want a maxi skirt; so this one actually works because the lining is a few inches shorter than the bottom lining. In a hindsight I probably should wear a more fitted top but I was really in the mood to wear this beauty because it's a gift from my dearest husband :)

lace top: madewell // tulle skirt: shopruche {also here} // scalloped sandals: see by chloe via MyHabit

Monday, May 6, 2013

.: slouchy glam :.

Gosh has it been that long since my last post? Life's been hectic, and I can't really complain :)
I went to an interview last week and while it was for a creative job, I dressed nicer than usual. It was in Venice area where everyone looks good without trying. I was so overdressed because everyone was dressed in what I call 'slouchy glam'. You know, messy bun, slouchy-oversized-off-the-shoulder-silky-blouses, skinny pants and envelope clutches. So I went back to my tiny suburbia and try the style :)

blouse: Brandy Melville | legging pants: Uniqlo | Cityblock Storyteller scarf: Madewell 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

.: sail away :.

In my imaginary world, I can just put the sail up and go explore the ocean glamorously. In real life I would probably puke every few seconds and let's get real, those sails are heavy! I'd probably complained about the heat. So while keeping my imagination alive I'd just pretend to be glamorous on dry ground donning sailor-inspired outfits.

cardigan: kate spade outlet {slightly similar} // lace tank: bought abroad {similar} // pants: GAP (discontinued, boo!) // flats: quilted reva Tory Burch  {similar in coral} // necklace: oh, hello friend shop

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

.: fawning over :.

In case you haven't noticed, I didn't get my 'blogger stance' down yet. Taking blog pictures in public places still makes me feel a bit apprehensive :) It's totally different when it comes to taking pictures of food, though... I'm sure you're familiar with this site. But have you seen this video? It's hilarious.

Anyway last weekend I got to take my fawn dress out for a walk. It's nice & chilly here in SoCal, just the way I like it. I'm very much drawn into fun print dresses these days. Can't wait until payday!

Jacket: old Free People {similar} // Dress: Sheinside // Scarf: here // Oxford : ebay

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

.: strawberry wafer :.

I like to mix my hobbies together and see what comes out of it. Sometimes I put together an outfit that will match my favorite scrapbooking kit (I know...) Or I mix something that reminds me of my favorite snack food. Like this combo of pink gingham and chocolate. Reminds me of this wafer blocks with strawberry cream that I used to eat when I was younger.

And everytime I look at the bubble necklace I just want to eat them. Somebody somewhere asked whether there's such thing as too much bubble necklace. They come in so many colors now and it seems that everybody in the blogosphere own more than one. That and the chain link bracelet. I guess J Crew know a thing or two about making trendy accessories :)

Gingham shirt:  old JC Penney {similar} // Pleated Skirt: sold out Uniqlo {similar} // chain bracelet: JewelMint // Bubble necklace : here

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

.: a walk in the park :.

The best thing about where we live now is that we are within a short walking distance to restaurants, the library, the park and grocery store. The bad thing is that we practically lives right next to my favorite frozen yogurt place. I see sugar high moments in a very near future...

blouse: Loft // peasant skirt: very old Forever21{similar} // sandals: old Anthropologie

Thursday, March 28, 2013

.: saying goodbye :.

We're moving to a new home this weekend, our very first home! It's so very grown up of us. Moving is always bitter sweet for me, because there are some lovely things about our apartment that I'm going to miss.  I also said goodbye to a couple of my former favorite things, which is a bit sad. I'm very possessive over my things, but most of them are rarely used and probably the new owners will appreciate them more than me. That includes this bag. It's a very lovely bag with lots of nice details but it's too heavy for me. In the end I never use it. It got a new owner last weekend and she was very happy. Lucky gal.

blazer: old forever21 {similar} // gray tank: old Nordstrom Rack {similar} // skirt: Nordstrom Rack {similar} // bag: BCBG // mint loafers: Oasap

Monday, March 25, 2013

.: second chance :.

I can never understand foldover skirts. Are they supposed to be doubled up as a tube dress? Tube top? Tube anything? Worn by a full figured gal like me it just add extra goodies around my rounded belly. If I wear a wrong top with it I'd look very bulky, and this is a safe combo for me. Cotton shirt always saves the day! Why did I buy it albeit all the complaints? Because of the color. Almost got rid of it last weekend, but the yellow is such a happy yellow, you know what I mean? No? Oh, okay...

popover shirt: J Crew // Yellow foldover skirt: old Forever21 {similar} // Sandals: old Anthropologie // Float necklace: Oh, Hello Friend

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

.: pins and needles :.

So as usual I was brainwashed by Pinterest. All of a 'sudden' I got the need to own a chevron skirt. Most of the chevron skirts I saw were so similar (you know which ones), so when I saw this skirt on Target's clearance rack I got excited. Then I saw the size. It was 2 sizes too big and it got elastic on the waist so when I tried it on it literally fell halfway down my hips. Not too flattering. But I love the color so much so I took it home, stick a needle on it and did a simple nip/tuck (which is the only thing I know about stitching anyway). I still need a belt to pull it together but I think it's quite lovely.

Top: old Forever 21 // Belt: ModCloth // Skirt: Target // Chain wrap bracelet: Gorjana via Rue LaLa

Monday, March 18, 2013

.: shop visit :.

So I finally got the chance to visit Danni's quaint little shop last weekend. It was as adorable as the pictures on her blog, and then some. There are little details everywhere that make the shop so inviting. I didn't get to take pictures because aside from the fact that the shop was packed, I was too busy shopping. I wanted to stay there and camp on the day bed along with the adorable handmade plushies.

Danni and Nick are so genuinely friendly. IThe shop was supposed to close at 6 but I lost track of time and stayed a bit too long. I resist from going bat-crazy gushing about her blog so I just fake a nonchalant comment that I love her blog while hoping I don't look like a nutcase-blog-stalker that I really am.

I'm so going to come back someday.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

.: spring into summer :.

I think they skipped a season here in SoCal; it feels like we're in low 90s already! I'm one of those people who actually hates Summer with a passion. I'm channeling my inner grumpy cat from May to September because I can't hide behind coats and jackets anymore! But it's good to let the toes out of their hibernation and air them once in a while.

sunnies: see by chloe via gilt // cropped denim blazer: nordstrom rack {similar} // bubble necklace: found here // wave top: old shopruche {similar} // tweed skirt: old Anthro // black wedge: old Nordstrom Rack {similar}

Thursday, March 7, 2013

.: in with the old :.

The good thing about Spring Cleaning is discovering things I didn't even remember owning! *and they still fit! << the BEST thing about discovering old stuff* Bought both the skirt and the cardigan almost two years ago, but the top was 6 years old! Have you done a little digging in your closet lately?

cardigan & skater skirt: old Anthro {similar here and here} // top: old Zara {similar} // oxford wedge: ebay

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

.: And the Oscar goes to... :.

Someday someone may ask me what I'm wearing and I will shout out a major designer name. But that day is just a fantasy and in reality here's what I'm wearing for Oscar-watching dinner. I haven't worn a pair of jeans for 2 years because it only leads to heartbreak. I finally found a good pair on sale at the ever-so-reliable American Eagle and learning to love jeans again.
I got the fun Oscar ballot from Jessica Jones' blog. She's been so sweet and sharing the ballots for a couple of years now.

Blouse: Mango {similar} // Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters // Necklace: Leola Lace // Cambridge Satchel: Modcloth // Ring: JewelMint

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

.: round and round :.

I learned that you can't take something at face value. Like this top. The bow was supposed to be in the back, gracefully plunging and decently show some skin. But it's so sheer and I'm not too keen on not wearing anything underneath. All my tanks are way too high on the back, and the plunging-bow-skin-showcase-effect was not happening. So I turned the blouse around and problem solved. One top, two styles.

Bow blouse : shop sosie {this color sold out, this is still available} // blazer: Marshalls {similar} // city story teller scarf: Madewell // pants: GAP long and lean // wedge: Tory Burch

Monday, February 11, 2013

.: dots :.

They said full-figured gals are not supposed to wear polka dots. They said silky dress will clung to your body and highlights your flaws. I said throw a denim jacket over silky polka dots dress and be done with it.

denim jacket: Zara (on sale!) {similar} // Silk dot dress, belt and scarf: Madewell (on sale here, similar belt here and here) // tights: H&M cotton tights // flats: old Target

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

.: borderline :.

Last Saturday we played tourist and went down to San Diego. It was a lovely day to be out, but it got colder towards the afternoon. Good thing I came prepared!

{extraordinary desserts: napoleon}

{old point loma lighthouse}

{weather vane: old town san diego} 

blazer: found at Marshalls //  lace dress: old forever21 {similar} // bubble necklace : similar // birdie scarf: bought here // boots: see by chloe booties // sweater: Anthropologie // flats: clearance H&M