Thursday, March 28, 2013

.: saying goodbye :.

We're moving to a new home this weekend, our very first home! It's so very grown up of us. Moving is always bitter sweet for me, because there are some lovely things about our apartment that I'm going to miss.  I also said goodbye to a couple of my former favorite things, which is a bit sad. I'm very possessive over my things, but most of them are rarely used and probably the new owners will appreciate them more than me. That includes this bag. It's a very lovely bag with lots of nice details but it's too heavy for me. In the end I never use it. It got a new owner last weekend and she was very happy. Lucky gal.

blazer: old forever21 {similar} // gray tank: old Nordstrom Rack {similar} // skirt: Nordstrom Rack {similar} // bag: BCBG // mint loafers: Oasap

Monday, March 25, 2013

.: second chance :.

I can never understand foldover skirts. Are they supposed to be doubled up as a tube dress? Tube top? Tube anything? Worn by a full figured gal like me it just add extra goodies around my rounded belly. If I wear a wrong top with it I'd look very bulky, and this is a safe combo for me. Cotton shirt always saves the day! Why did I buy it albeit all the complaints? Because of the color. Almost got rid of it last weekend, but the yellow is such a happy yellow, you know what I mean? No? Oh, okay...

popover shirt: J Crew // Yellow foldover skirt: old Forever21 {similar} // Sandals: old Anthropologie // Float necklace: Oh, Hello Friend

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

.: pins and needles :.

So as usual I was brainwashed by Pinterest. All of a 'sudden' I got the need to own a chevron skirt. Most of the chevron skirts I saw were so similar (you know which ones), so when I saw this skirt on Target's clearance rack I got excited. Then I saw the size. It was 2 sizes too big and it got elastic on the waist so when I tried it on it literally fell halfway down my hips. Not too flattering. But I love the color so much so I took it home, stick a needle on it and did a simple nip/tuck (which is the only thing I know about stitching anyway). I still need a belt to pull it together but I think it's quite lovely.

Top: old Forever 21 // Belt: ModCloth // Skirt: Target // Chain wrap bracelet: Gorjana via Rue LaLa

Monday, March 18, 2013

.: shop visit :.

So I finally got the chance to visit Danni's quaint little shop last weekend. It was as adorable as the pictures on her blog, and then some. There are little details everywhere that make the shop so inviting. I didn't get to take pictures because aside from the fact that the shop was packed, I was too busy shopping. I wanted to stay there and camp on the day bed along with the adorable handmade plushies.

Danni and Nick are so genuinely friendly. IThe shop was supposed to close at 6 but I lost track of time and stayed a bit too long. I resist from going bat-crazy gushing about her blog so I just fake a nonchalant comment that I love her blog while hoping I don't look like a nutcase-blog-stalker that I really am.

I'm so going to come back someday.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

.: spring into summer :.

I think they skipped a season here in SoCal; it feels like we're in low 90s already! I'm one of those people who actually hates Summer with a passion. I'm channeling my inner grumpy cat from May to September because I can't hide behind coats and jackets anymore! But it's good to let the toes out of their hibernation and air them once in a while.

sunnies: see by chloe via gilt // cropped denim blazer: nordstrom rack {similar} // bubble necklace: found here // wave top: old shopruche {similar} // tweed skirt: old Anthro // black wedge: old Nordstrom Rack {similar}

Thursday, March 7, 2013

.: in with the old :.

The good thing about Spring Cleaning is discovering things I didn't even remember owning! *and they still fit! << the BEST thing about discovering old stuff* Bought both the skirt and the cardigan almost two years ago, but the top was 6 years old! Have you done a little digging in your closet lately?

cardigan & skater skirt: old Anthro {similar here and here} // top: old Zara {similar} // oxford wedge: ebay