Monday, March 18, 2013

.: shop visit :.

So I finally got the chance to visit Danni's quaint little shop last weekend. It was as adorable as the pictures on her blog, and then some. There are little details everywhere that make the shop so inviting. I didn't get to take pictures because aside from the fact that the shop was packed, I was too busy shopping. I wanted to stay there and camp on the day bed along with the adorable handmade plushies.

Danni and Nick are so genuinely friendly. IThe shop was supposed to close at 6 but I lost track of time and stayed a bit too long. I resist from going bat-crazy gushing about her blog so I just fake a nonchalant comment that I love her blog while hoping I don't look like a nutcase-blog-stalker that I really am.

I'm so going to come back someday.

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